CIF Australia

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Welcome to CIF Australia

CIF Australia is a non-profit, voluntary incorporated association formed in 2006. It is one of 31 national branches of CIF International that provides social workers and human service professionals an international experience, whether you are interested in the Australian programme or Australians interested in programs offered by the participating countries around the world. We cooperate with the alumni organisations of the Council of International Fellowship (CIF) and the Council of International Programs USA (CIPUSA).

There is no one way of doing our work, it is through genuine dialogue, different aspects of knowledge and action that each can learn from the otherís wisdom, so to complement and enrich each otherís worldview, personal attributes, skills, understanding and practice wisdom.

CIF's Main Objectives

  • To increase professional knowledge in the field of human services, in particular social work, by learning from one another.
  • To increase understanding of the world's diverse cultures through contact among participants, and through this, contribute to promoting world peace.